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All of my ceramic forms are made of terra cotta, a red earthenware clay.  Initially a piece is conceived as a two dimensional drawing followed by the creation of pattern pieces - deconstructed versions of the ultimate three dimensional form - which are attached to the clay slab. Package design and dressmaking techniques come into play as the piece is brought to life by cutting, folding, darting and connecting.  Visual and tactile depth is developed through the application of multiple layers of clay, slips, stains and glazes, and by scraping, incising and carving into the surface.  The work is twice fired in an electric kiln to cone 06 (approximately 1850 degrees fahrenheit) and cone 03 (just over 2000 degrees fahrenheit).

I find I develop an intimate relationship with each piece I create. Even when working in series I will discover nuances unique to each form. These individual characteristics may be the result of variances in moisture from one clay slab to the next, a more gentle or forceful touch, the use of a different tool or, sometimes, the inexplicable. The process itself, therefore, can be revealing as the work teaches me

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