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Lisa Pedolsky is a career artist working primarily in the field of ceramics.


Born in New York City and raised a short distance away, Pedolsky showed a penchant for art from an early age. Supported by a family who offered both materials and opportunity she perceived creative activity as a given and was astonished to learn that her favorite hour of the school week in the art room was not a universally shared passion among her peers. Her interests deepened in later years with art classes in drawing and painting, printmaking, and ceramics as well as ballet studies.


In 1972 Pedolsky moved to the California Bay Area where she pursued her formal art education. She studied ceramics and fine art at California College of the Arts, Oakland (then California College of Arts And Crafts) and at U.C. Berkeley where she received her BA in Art in 1977.  These were defining years for her interest in ceramics and her preferred method, handbuilding. Upon graduating she left the Bay Area for travels, ultimately relocating to Southwest Colorado. After a twenty year hiatus from ceramics, during which time she worked in various other media, she returned to clay and a committed practice in 1999. Her focus remains in handbuilding, specifically slab construction, incorporating functional elements which are characteristic in her work.


Pedolsky’s professional experience includes representation by galleries and exhibitions across the country. She has lectured and taught workshops nationwide and was artist in residence at Centro de Arte Curaumilla in Chile, funded by the NCECA International Residency Partner Program. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, among them Studio Potter, Pottery Making Illustrated, Ceramics Monthly and Lark Books' 500 Vases.

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